tv apparences

June 1965

1965 - 23 June - " 4° Cantagiro Edizione 1965 " - LIVE - RAI UNO

IL CANTAGIRO -Edizione 1965   - From Bari, the opening night - RAI 1  

Tour on the road  from 23 Giugno to  10 Luglio 1965)

Broadcast  live : 23 Giugno 1965
Referee  : Enrico Maria Salerno
  together with  : Dany Paris & Daniele Piombi
Orchestra directed by : Gigi Cichellero
Guest cast  : various  Italian artists : Rita Pavone / Gianni Morandi / Nico
  Fidenco /Gino Paoli / Patty Pravo/ ecc

* Rita  sings  : “ Lui

Rita Pavone will be the winner of THE “ CANTAGIRO “ –Edition 1965

LUI “, composed by the “ future Oscar Award “ Luis Enriquez Bacalov with lyrics by Franco Migliacci, wins the “ CANTAGIRO “- the famous Italian travelling contest-, followed by “ Se non avessi più te “ sung by Gianni Morandi, Rita’s eternal friend and rival.
For the first time in its history, the Cantagiro tour took place, in 1965, not only in Italy but also in Vienna ( Austria ), Frankfurt ( Germany )  London ( England ) and Moscow in Russia, called at the time “ The Soviet Republic “.
At the Gorky Park in Moscow, her success is particularly big among more then 10.000 cheering people and Rita is forced by the public to sing the same song another time, against the regulations and the will of a very rigid jury in order to allow the show to go on.
Big scandal !!! The day after, a two–column headline of the New York Times ( USA ) reports this unprecedented and most unusual event in a Communist country!